What is a PEO

The Smartest, Efficient & Cost-Effective Way to Handle Employee Benefits & Administration

A Better Way to Do Business

PEO stands for Professional Employer Organization. Simply put, it’s a company that provides “co-employment services” to your company so can focus on your main business.

Think of it as outsourcing your back-office administration to a dedicated team of professionals. Payroll, Employee Benefits, workers compensation, HR guidance and compliance are all handled.  You can now focus on what you enjoy, running your business!

PEOs pool together a much larger base of members. Doing this allows for greater purchasing power with insurance carriers.  You can offer your employees superior benefits (Think Fortune 500) at a more affordable cost each and every year.  It is not uncommon for an employer to save 30-40% on their cost of health insurance.

With a PEO, you’ll enjoy:

  • Stress-free payroll and HR administration
  • Access to affordable Fortune500 benefits
  • Continually updated government compliance assistance
  • Expert compensation and risk management guidance